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Our Mission

“To be mutually helpful to one another” is still the primary purpose of the Virginia State Police Association – but today that is only part of the story. Helping members through scholarships, retirement grants and emergency relief funds is a prime focus – but the scope of giving has widened – to include the Department of State Police in general, and school and community programs across the Commonwealth. Explore our site and find out how we help make the Commonwealth of Virginia a safer place.


Download our product catalog for merchandise and gift ideas. This catalog includes most of all clothing and gift items available in the VSPA store. For more information, please contact the store, at 804.320.6272. Orders can be emailed to: vspastore@vspa.org. or via fax 804.320.2616

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The Trooper Pledge

“Humbly recognizing the responsibilities entrusted to me as a member of the Department of State Police, an organization dedicated to the preservation of human life and property, I pledge myself to perform my duties honestly and faithfully to the best of my ability and without fear, favor or prejudice. I shall aid those in danger or distress, and shall strive always to make my State and Country a safer place in which to live.

“I shall wage unceasing war against crime in all its forms, and shall consider no sacrifice too great in the performance of my duty. I shall obey the laws of the United States of America and of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and shall support and defend their constitutions against all enemies whomsoever, foreign and domestic. I shall always be loyal to and uphold the honor of my organization, my State and my Country.”


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